ROBBD based Sudoku 9x9 Solvers

By Nicolas RAPIN (nrapin "at" free "dot" fr)

Python version. Only For Linux and Windows, tested with Python 3. : main program.

bdd_lib_linux.pyc: little pre-compiled ROBDD library written in python for Linux.

bdd_lib_windows.pyc: the same library for Windows.

Please download in the same directory and the bdd_lib suitable for your OS and then run

C++ version. For Windows only. This implementation, based on the same approach, is really faster than the Python version. Download sudoku.exe and grid.txt in the same

directory and execute sudoku.exe (installation of vc_redist(x86).exe could be mandatoty due to Visual C++ compilation)


Backtrack based Sudoku 9x9 Solver (Faster than ROBDD based)

Python version.

One should modify the grid inside the Python code.

The program returns all the solutions if more than one.

C version for windows only.

Open a console and execute sudo_backtrack.exe.

A single argument can be passed, it is a grid file name. See below backtrack_grid.txt for the format.

With no argument the executable search for a file entitled backtrack_grid.txt. If doesn't exists solves a default grid.


Determinant et Volume

Ou ... de la magie du principe de linearite! Volume3vec_Exo.pdf

Pourquoi l'algorithme de Floyd-Warshall peut etre optimise en n'utilisant qu'une seule matrice de distance